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    Name: Sandra Hildago
    Link to my Weebly Webpage:  http://hidalgoesl.weebly.com/

    My Classroom Mission
    Identify and address gaps of elementary ELS based on ACCESS scores so my instruction will be data driven and target the immediate struggles of the current lessons in English Language studies.


    About Me
    Mrs. Hidalgo (ESL Teacher) Picture
    Mrs. Hidalgo is from Bogotá, Colombia.
    My name is Mrs. Hidalgo. I am from Colombia, South America. I moved to USA in 2003. I was part of  TES four years ago and I am coming back to my family.  Prior to that, I was in CMS and UCPS systems as an ESL and Spanish teacher. 

    I hold a 
    Bachelor of Arts degree major in Education with a specialization teaching English and Spanish Languages at The National University of Colombia.
    When I made the decision to teach overseas, specifically in the USA, I already had nine years teaching in my country. However, this experience had more of an effect on me than I originally thought. For the first time, I was on the same side where my students used to be. 

    As a foreigner, I have learned about other cultures and I have been able to help my ESL students through my own language journey experience. My goals have completely changed and I need to address not only the English Language skills and content, but also the “Cultural Shock Concept” to help them with the adjustment process. 

    Most of us might have heard these words “Cultural Shock”, possibly within a negative context, as a conflict in our lives; however, it does not have to be negative. It can be used as a source of motivation and change. Usually, the cultural adjustment process takes some time and can affect our way of life. 

    When people first arrive everything will appear new and exciting. However, after some time, they may start feeling homesick and question why Americans do things differently than we do. They may even become irritated with these differences.

    I am inclined to believe that my role as a teacher has been that of creating an appropriate warming up environment that should relax students and enable them to learn and use values as: tolerance, respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world's cultures as part of the adjustment process.

    I believe in my students and I know that they will become successful. The road sometimes brings unexpected difficulties, but a supportive and understanding teacher can make a big difference in their lives. My major goal is becoming one of those teachers who make a difference.