•  General Laptop Information
    Laptops are to be charged at night before coming to school.  There are no charging stations available in classrooms, seminar, etc.  Student backpacks with protective sleeves or individual protective sleeves are required to transport laptops.  All high school students are required to have a laptop and backpack each semester.  Technology Fee of $50 will be enforced annually.  Protective sleeves can be purchased for $10 from the school office.  Laptop Insurance is available for $61.48. Payments can be made online through the school website or by check or exact cash in the Crossroads main office.  Students need to complete their $50 payment by September 30th, otherwise the student will become a day user.  

                Macbook Login Instructions
                ISS Tech Fees
                Need Insurance for your Laptop? 
                Laptop Care and Use Brochure