• Crossroads Early College Prom is held in conjunction with CCTL.  On years Crossroads hosts the prom committee will meet to plan prom. If you are interested in being on the prom committee please see Mr. Arey.

    Prom is an after school event that requires a ticket for entry.  Prom is open to 11-13th graders.  Students are required to purchase a ticket and complete the necessary paperwork to bring a date that is not a current student. 


    Please bring completed forms and money to Ms. Comer! 
    There are two different forms.

    One form is for all Early College students in Iredell County... even if they are your guest.

    Please make sure you fill out the correct form.
    Prom is only open to Juniors, Seniors and Super Seniors.
    Underclassmen can only attend prom as a guest of an upperclassmen 
    (but should still fill out the early college student form).