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    Kathy Cook

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    My Classroom Mission
    Everyday, I strive to educate students, inspiring them to view education as a pathway to economic independence.
    About Me

    I am kind and compassionate to all students. I convey to students that they are worthy and capable.  I make learning fun.  I am positive, creative, and enthusiastic.  I push all students to think more deeply, to write more critically, to express themselves more fluently,  I encourage students to believe in their own abilities, and NEVER let them make excuses for failure, for simply not trying, or for being lazy in their minds and work ethic.  I am a positive role model and a strong mentor who does not tolerate anything less than their best effort. I make each student feel important and show them that Ihat they can make a real positive difference in the world.  I am constantly expressing to my students that I want them in my class.  I enjoy pursuing scholarship, research, and intellectual growth.