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    Holly Saunders

    Welcome to Mrs. Saunders class! We are excited for the new 2018-2019 school year. There are new and some old volunteer opportunities that have returned for this school year!
    My Classroom Mission

    To provide each student equally opportunity lo learn new and exciting jobs and curriculum.  

    About Me
     I am enjoying going into my second year here at North Iredell High School. I worked at North Iredell middle for one year and prior to that I worked in Wilkes County Schools. 
    I started my journey to teaching as a Teacher Assistant. Many years ago, when my daughters were still young, I decided to go bak to college. I finished my two year degree in 2005 and started my first education job as a TA in a high school in Gaston County. I continued to be a TA as I finished my Bachelors at UNC Wilmington in 2011. I moved back and started my last year as a TA in Wilkes County Schools and began my first teaching job in 2013. I have always been in Special Education my entire career. My passion has always been in Special Education.
    I am a mom to two beautiful girls and married to a wonderful man for almost twenty years. I absolutely love animals, being that I have so many at home and at one time had many goats and ducks. I love doing things outside, being with my family and playing with my animals.