• Welcome to my Classroom

    Zachary Caudle
    Email: zachary_caudle@iss.k12.nc.us

    My Classroom Mission
    The mission of my English as a Second Language class is to help Limited English Proficiency Students read, write and speak English at a near Native level, graduate high school and succeed academically and socially. 
    About Me

    My name is Zach Caudle. I was born and raised in Statesville. At the age of nineteen I went to an international university in Thailand called Webster University. This is where I first learned a language and learned to teach ESL. After that I spent 3 years teaching South Korea. This was teaching at all levels, from four to forty years old. I also taught for a year in Taiwan. I came back to the USA in 2015 and started working for Iredell Statesville schools in January 2016. 
    First Block: Intermediate ESL 8:15-9:45
    Second Block: Beginner's ESL 9:50-11:25
    Third Block: Planning 11:30-1:40
    Fourth Block: Intermediate ESL 1:45-3:15
Last Modified on March 14, 2019