• Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies!                                         

    Tina Tallent

    Welcome to Social Studies!
    Tina Tallent with kitten  
    My Classroom Mission

    Our Social Studies students will want to be the best students they can be. They will learn that they have a role in their community and they will want to make that role a positive one. We will achive this with mutual respect, responsibility, and a desire to learn. 
    About Me

    I left a profession in the business world to be in Education seven years ago. I did this because I felt passionate about education and how it can make possitive changes in people's lives. After being a Girl Scout leader for ten years, I realized I cared about young people and the challenges they face, especially during the middle school years. 

    I have been a North Carolinian all of my life. My imediate family includes my husband, my 16-year-old daughter, and our three cats. I enjoy reading, cooking, time with friends, rideing my bicycle and other outdoor activities.  
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