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 If you have a problem with your MacBook:  READ THIS FIRST

Powerschool or Canvas Login Problems:

Gmail or Google or Chrome problems:

 iReady Problems     

Broken Chargers

Damaged Macbook

Ask your teacher to reset your password

1. Go to the word Chrome 

2. Choose Preferences

3. Scroll to the very bottom; choose RESET settings - click

4. After you click reset, go to the APPLE in the upper left

5.  Click Log Out

6. Click Shut Down

When you log back in, it should be fixed.  If it is not fixed, then you can fill out a pink paper in the library and leave your computer with the form on the  table
RESET Chrome
(see 2nd column) 
Check Filewave for Updates 
 Try it in Safari, but first do this:
click on the word SAFARI
-click Preference
-click security
-click plugins
-make sure all boxes have a checkmark then
-change the word Allow to Always Allow 

YOU MUST BRING your charger to the media center.

Fill out a pink paper and leave the paper AND the charger.
I will create a bill for you.  You must pay and we must have a copy of the receipt before we can submit a workorder for a new charger.  DO NOT USE A CHARGER WITH EXPOSED WIRES.

YOU MUST BRING your MAC to the media center

Fill out a pink paper and leave the paper AND the computer.   
I will help you fill out a work order for damaged computers (we have to attach pictures) - you MUST check your email for messages from the tech department.