• Welcome to my Classroom

    Lena Hicks


    Welcome to another exciting school year at Statesville High School!

    After 18 years of teaching English, I have decided to transition to social studies; and I am thrilled to be teaching World History and then helping to add a new African American Studies program to our curriculum this spring.

    This year is going to bring new adventures and opportunities to learn. I hope everyone is ready to take advantage of each one.

    My Classroom Mission

    My mission is one of care and learning. I want every student that walks through my door to feel that he/she is valued and has something worthy to contribute to the learning and growth of everyone. I envision students working independently as well as cooperatively to for the betterment of all. 
    About Me

    I have been teaching in North Carolina since August 1999, just after graduating from college. I have always had the desire to help people better themselves and their futures. I have had many wonderful influences in my life that always encouraged me in my education. After years of teaching I, myself, went back to school and recently graduated from NC State with my Masters in Digital Learning & Teaching. It has always been my belief that we must continue to learn, grow and change throughout our lives. I enjoy helping students learn how to learn.
    I live with my husband of 18+ years and our two dogs, an Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua.