• Welcome to Mrs. Shoemaker's 6th grade Social Studies Class.

    Kathy Shoemaker
    Email: kshoemaker@iss.k12.nc.us Planning 10:10-10:20, (704-876-4802)

    My Classroom Mission
    Our mission in Social Studies is to receive the best education possible and prepare for the Social Studies Final Exam by studying our Stems' prefixes, and the Ancient Civilizations of PreHistory, Indus River Valley, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Rome, Greece, and the Middle Ages.   We will do this by following the PAWS Expectations of paying attention, having good attendance, being prepared, participating, and turning work in promptly.  We will also show respect to our teachers, peers, staff, and school property.  Lastly, we are committed to learning.
    About Me
    First, I would  like to say "Hello" to parents and students of NIMS.   I love teaching Social Studies at NIMS and seeing the students be successful in their educational endeavor.  We will achieve this goal by working cooperatively with peers and creating many projects of Geography and the Ancient Civilizations.  I am also a Beta Club Sponsor. Students can be invited into the Beta Club if they have a 93 average the first nine weeks of school.  We do several service projects yearly. My hobbies include photograhy and gardening.  I am married to a wonderful man and we have both a daughter, son-in-law, a son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren, (Owen and Olivia).  We have a Percheron horse and a Jack Russell dog.  I feel truly blessed to be a member of NIMS staff.
    After 5-6 Notebook Assignments, students recieve a grade.
    Please check Power School Weekly for updated grades.