• Welcome to my Classroom

    Jessica Edwards

    About Me
    I am the Science and English teacher in the Middle School of Monticello. Science is my passion, and I value effective communication skills, regardless of the subject in school or the profession that one performs.  I have always had a natural curiosity about our environment, chemistry, and biology.  I am interested in medicine and promoting health in the human body. I attribute my interest in science to my parents; I grew up on a "farm" where I learned about the importance of knowing our food sources, sustainable forestry, and I had a blueberry crop.  My father worked in a water treatment plant, where I was introduced to chemistry, and my mother is a Registered Nurse, hence my interest in diet, health, and anatomy & physiology. Also, I have my Junior High Science and English teachers to thank as well.  My English teacher enforced the importance of vocabulary development, grammar, proper sentence structure, and an appreciation for classic novels and all works of poetry and literature.
    I am a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Administration.  I have completed a graduate certificate in Middle Grades Education, and I am working towards completion of my Masters in Education at Appalachian State University.  My other passion includes my three wonderful children, ages 10, 12, and 16, who attend Iredell Statesville Schools.
    My Classroom Mission
    In Middle School English and Science at Monticello School, I strive to work with my students to create authentic learning experiences that are relevant, engaging, and inquiry-driven.  I prefer as much experiential/hands-on learning as possible.  My students and I create the learning environment together by agreeing to promote a respectful and equitable classroom that includes democratic choice.  I strive to prepare students for future educational endeavors by giving them foundational tools and encouraging learning for the sake of learning.