• Have a MacBook Problem?  
    First - visit the Helpful Hints for MacBook Users:  District Technology Page
    Still Having MacBook Problems?  
    Review the Tips Below or the on-line Knowledgebase Here

    If you still have a problem, enter it here:

    Open Help Desk Ticket

    Use your full email address and computer password to create a work order

    Help desk tickets are reviewed and responded to only when school is in session and can take up to 48 hours for a response.

    If your problem is an emergency:  FIRST enter a work order and then check if the Tech is available in the Media Center.


     To Login in to ANY computer at I-SS do the following:

    Name/Username  =  your Lunchroom Number
    Password  =  computer password you have chosen

    If you cannot log in, you are entering something incorrectly.  
    Check your typing, make sure Caps Lock is off and try again.


    What is my email address?

    student ID

    Lost, Damaged or Stolen Charger?

    You will have to purchase a replacement.  See Mr. Matthews or front office to pay for a replacement - cost is $68.

    Adobe Flash/shockwave Error Message?  

    Make sure you have downloaded Flash or Shockwave from FileWave, then do the following:

    1. Open Safari

    2. Click Safari>Preferences in top menu bar

    3. Go to Security

    1. Check all options (there are 4)

    2. Click on “Manage website settings”

    1. Select Adobe Flash Player from list on left (Flash should be on top)

    2. Look beneath the right pane for “When visiting other websites” and change “Allow” to “Allow Always”.

    3. Click “Done”

    4. Click red button to close preferences

    5. Click Safari>Quit Safari

    6. Quit and then Restart Safari, then load your website again


    Computer Lost or Stolen?  

    You MUST file a police report and report it to the SRO or someone in Administration and then have them notify the Tech for tracing.