• Welcome to my Classroom

    Name   Steve Cotton
    Email Address   steven_cotton@iss.k12.nc.us

    • Honors Chemistry
    • AP Chemistry 
    • Physical Science
    • Principles of Technology
    My Classroom Mission

    The mission of AP and Honors Chemistry course is to deliver
    a broad-based and challenging chemistry experience that will
    train students for college in science or as professionals in a
    variety of health, government, or private industry positions.
    The program will foster a culture that values our students,
    faculty, and district; strives to help students become self-learners;
    creates opportunities for students to discover the excitement and
    creativity of research, and promotes an understanding that social
    consciousness and ethical behavior are essential features of a
    principled chemistry community. 
    About Me

    I graduated from Appalachian State University with a BS in 
    applied physics, and I am currently working on my masters
    degree in administration through UNCC.  I began my professional
    career with The Coca Cola Company where I worked as a lab
    technician and worked my way up to Sales Manager. Coke
    moved me all over the East coast, and one of the greatest cities I
    had to opportunity to work & live was NYC!
    My life is blessed with a wonderful wife and two sons that are
    growing much too fast! I am excited to be a part of the Greyhound
    family, and am looking forward to helping guide students to their
    future careers!