• Welcome to my Classroom

    Bradley Young
    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. I will be teaching Exploring technology education to 6 th grade, Design and Innovation to the 7th grade, and Technological systems to the 8th grade.
    My Classroom Mission
    The mission of the CTE teachers is to introduce and enhance technology skills which will help our students to lead productive and rewarding lives, to help them reach their highest potential.  We will accomplish this goal through classroom practice and enrichment activities, working together and bringing a positive attitude to our classrooms.
    Technology Education/ Careers Mission
    The students of Mr. Young's Technology class will learn more about technology and careers by working on hands-on problem solving activities.We will accomplish this by paying attention to classroom instructions, by participating in classroom activities and by bringing a positive attitude to the classroom.

    Entering 31th year in teaching. Graduate of Catawba College (BA) and Career/Technical Education  areas of Industrial Arts / Technology Education and Careers from A&T State University.