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    Richard Alsabrook
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    Dear Parents or Guardians:

    My name is Richard Alsabrook and I have the pleasure of teaching your child this year and I would like to take this time to introduce myself to you. I was raised in Montgomery, Alabama where I had great opportunities for educational success and service. I went to a magnet school for my junior high school years and my family moved out of district to where I went to a wonderful country high school. I was one of sixty students to graduate from my high school and one of twenty to received honors. My college years were achieved at the University of West Alabama where I was plug into many organizations. The organizations I was involved in were marching band, student government association, resident life, chemistry club, American Chemical Society, Livingston Press, Baptist College Ministries, and The Wesley  Foundation. The research I conducted in college was associated with cancer, water quality, and plant genomics. I was awarded by the University of West Alabama for my research in water quality that lead the EPA to reconsider a creek that was listed as a polluted creek. I received the University Scholars Award for chemistry that is handed to only one student per year. My senior year I worked as a laboratory technician for the biology department at my university and my grant for that position was going to end at the end of 2014. I started applying for many different jobs and after a month of searching South Iredell High School offered me my position I currently have. During the time of my job search I married my wonderful wife who happens to be a great elementary teacher at Troutman Elementary School. I am excited to have another wonderful school year at South Iredell High School. I would like you to be a part of the experience by providing your contact information and signing up for my text messaging system listed above.

    Things students should bring to class every day are their composition notebook, notebook, computer, and writing utensils. The subject guide will be provided in class but you may find it online by searching 2017 Chemistry Subject Guide or 2017 Biology Subject Guide. Class communication and assignments will be provided through ManageBac. Grades will be posted on powerschool. If you have any concerns please email me at richard_alsabrook@iss.k12.nc.us.

    Richard Alsabrook

Last Modified on November 3, 2017