• Name: Shawn Gumbleton


    I have an MA in Modern European History from UNC-Chapel Hill, an MA in Teaching from NC State, and a BA in History from University of Alaska, Anchorage (which is where I'm from).  I've lived in North Carolina since 2008 s and am happy to have made it my home.
    I teach IB History to 11th and 12th-graders, as well as World History and Crime and Justice. 
    I'm a full-time teacher, full-time husband, and part-time Dungeon Master for Charlotte's D&D Adventurers League.  
    I teach in room A-111.
    World History and Crime and Justice students will use Google Classroom exclusively for new assignments, syllabi, course details, assignment calendars, and grades.
    Students will be invited to their particular Google Classroom sites on the first day of school.
    IB students use Managebac for their Learning Management System. 
Last Modified on August 15, 2017