• Welcome to my Classroom

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    Bienvenu à la classe de français!
    At  the completion of a sequence of World Language courses, students will be able to read, write, speak and understand the target language as well as interact with the target culture. This year, with the introduction of the NC Essential Standards for World Languages, students will also be expected to use higher level thinking and problem-solving skills in order to become a successful 21st century learner.
    What Supplies do I need for this class?
    - a notebook for French only
    - pocket folder for handouts
    - earbuds
    - pen, pencil and crayons
    Notre Mission
    Apprendre beaucoup de français(écouter, parler, lire, comprendre et écrire) pour communiquer en français dans la classe et biensûre dans le monde francophone
    (Learn a lot of French by listening, speaking, reading, understanding, and writing in order to communicate in French in class and in the French-speaking world)
    Qui est Monsieur Apedji? (Who is Mr. Apedji?)

    My name is Kodjo Apedji and this will be my fifth year teaching French at Lake Norman High School but will be my fithteenth year as a trained teacher of French. I was born in Togo where French is the official language and I started studying French and English when I was a teenager. I am therefore familiar with the challenge of learning a foreign language in order to develop near native fluency. I had the opportunity to work as an ESL/French teacher in Lomé, Togo and this cemented my love for the language and its culture. I studied another foreign language in High School (German) but my passion is for everything French and I try to pass this on to my students in each lesson we share together.

    My favorite sport is soccer but I also like tennis and basketball. When I have time I love to listen to gospel music.


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