• Gary A. Hengstler Welcome to my Classroom

    Name: Gary A. Hengstler
    Email Address: gary_hengstler@iss.k12.nc.us

    "Never turn down a front-row seat for human folly"
    --Nora Ephron
    My Classroom Mission

    My goal is to help each student sharpen his or her analytical skills to examine issues from all sides before reaching a conclusion. Also, having arrived at a point of view, the student should be able to share his or her thoughts in an articulate manner, using correct English grammar, spelling, punctuation.
    About Me
    In joining the West Iredell High School faculty, l am at last fulfilling my original career ambition—teaching English in High School. Along the way, my career path was diverted to work as a newspaper reporter, lawyer (licensed in Ohio and Nevada), magazine editor and publisher, non-profit administrator, college professor, international legal education and military contractor. Prior to moving to Statesville, I served the past four years as an adviser to the Afghanistan Ministry of Defense and to the Afghanistan Supreme Court.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Education from Ball State University and my Juris Doctor from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University.

    Career highlights was include getting the last interview with Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first interview with Yassir Arafat after the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords, helping to establish the Constitutional Court Bosnia-Herzegovina as the war there wound down, teaching in Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, China and Argentina, and creating a national center to help provide media liaisons for the major national newsworthy trials between 2000-2009 (including Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, O. J Simpson (#2) and others, as featured on CNN.