• Welcome to my Classroom

    Mr. Womick
    David Womick
    Email: david_womick@iss.k12.nc.us

    Welcome to Social Studies.
    My Classroom Mission

       We will be exploring the: who, what, when, where, and why's of historical people, places, and events throughout history, in hopes of gaining a further understanding of our own surroundings and how what we do relates to our past.  We will do this by making comparisons of our past with our lives in the present.  We will then use the connections we make with the past to make informed decisions in the future, so we can avoid making the same mistakes as our forefathers, and learn from their successes. 
    About Me

       I attended Appalachian State University and recieved a bachelors degree in History: Secondary Education.  I have been with Iredell Statesville Schools for several years.  I am excited to be teaching at North.  I spent my college years ski/ snowboard instructing in the winter and raft guiding in the summer.  I learned that I loved sharing knowledge with others and teaching gave me an opportunity to do just that for future generations.