Harmony Elementary Parent Involvement Policy
(as aligned to ISS BOE Policy 1310/4002)
As the instructional leader of Harmony Elementary School, it is my goal to involve parents in the education and well-being of our students, whether it involves decision making or instruction.
Like Iredell-Statesville Schools' goals, my goals for parental involvement also include:
  • Meaningful two-way communication between school and parents;
  • Promotion of responsible parenting;
  • Involvement of parents in student learning;
  • Promotion of volunteering;
  • Involvement of parents in school decisions that affect children and families;
  • Parental training;
  • Community collaboration;
  • Promotion of student health awareness.
Where the word "parent" is written, it is understood that it may also read "guardians" or "legal custodians" of students, as applicable.