Harmony Elementary Student-Parent-Teacher Contract
     We at Harmony Elementary School will work as a team to meet the needs of all 21st Century learners while developing responsible and caring students.
    Student Agreement 
    •  I will come to school ready for the day's work.
    • I will be respectful of my teachers and classmates.
    • I will try my best on my work.
    • I will follow all school expectations.
    Parent/Guardian Agreement
    • I will make sure my child is well rested and at school on time, and remains in school until dismissal.
    • I will make sure my child is prepare with the necessary materials, and ready to learn.
    • I will monitor my child's schoolwork and communicate any concerns to my child's teacher.
    • I will read, sign, and return progress reports and teacher communications, and attend conferences as requested.
    • I will support school initiatives and give input for improvements.
    Teacher Agreement
    • I will teach the North Carolina Standard Course of Study/Common Core Curriculum.
    • I will provide a classroom environment conducive to learning.
    • I will communicate my expectations, instructional goals, and grading systems with parents through conferences, progress reports, my webpage,  e-mails, or by telephone.
    • I will accept and respect all students as individuals.
    • I will provide intervention/enrichment strategies daily in reading and math.
    As the principal, I will ensure a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning.  As the instructional leader of the school, I will support the teachers in their efforts to teach all students.  Opportunities for success will be made available to all Harmony Elementary students.