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    Welcome ! I am excited and pleased that you have visited my webpage. I have great expectations for you and thank you in advance for your eagerness to learn, positive attitude, and your participation in math class. My goal is to get you to realize math counts. It is used everyday in every aspect of our lives. My job as your teacher is to get you to think math, do math, talk math, and write math. No matter what career you choose to pursue from fine arts, to sciences, to sports, math will be a daily part of your lives.


    Math Gets the Whole Brain in Gear

    Both the left side of your brain (which controls the right side of your body) and the right side of your brain (which controls the left side of your body) are involved and active when you do math! Math is a top-notch workout for the brain.


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      Classroom Mission

    Each student in Mrs. Webb-Monroe’s class will:


    Receive credit for the course


    Learn new concepts and be prepared for the next level. 

    To accomplish this goal, each student  will:



    Pay attention

    Do all assignments

    Stay focused

    Work Hard


    Ask questions

    Ask for help

    Stay positive

    Come to class prepared

    About Me

    I am originally from Detroit, Michigan and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    I graduated from Wayne State University earning a Bachelor of Science in Education.  I completed my first Master’s Degree program at American Intercontinental University (AIU Online) earning a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, and  second Master’s Degree program at Capella University earning a M.S. in Instructional Design.  

     This will be my 15th year as a certified educator and  my 6th year teaching at Statesville High School.  Being a teacher allows me to make life long connections and I have seen great rewards working with students in both traditional and online classroom settings.

    In my spare, time when I am not teaching, or spending time with my family( I am married and have two children). I love to sing praise and worship music and game of basketball.  I am the owner of a private tutoring business, and I have handmade earring collection to raise funds to provided technology for my business.