• Welcome to my Classroom

    Ms. Angie Smith
    angela_smith@iss.k12.nc.us  or 704-876-4802 (between 8:30-9:20)

    Welcome to Art at NIMS!
    Link to wheel class survey for rising 8th graders:
    www.scholastic.com/art  Your classroom password is:  pawmix6572
    Look for and choose the Mar/Apr 2019 Virtual Magazine.  Open the magazine and read it.  When you read article 1 (pgs.2-3), answer the following (on your own paper or type on computer and email to Ms. Smith):
    1.  When looking a the Digital Dangers section on pg.3, describe what you think the artists are trying to say to their audience in the artwork "Absorbed by Light."  Explain why you think that. 
    2. Now tell what your opinion is about how our "cell phone culture" impacts our everyday life. What could be 3 negative things, in your opinion, that could happen to people who are constantly using cell phones. (Use sentences, proper spelling and grammar, and write in your own words.)
    Read the Article on pgs. 4-5.
    3. Write a paragraph (in your own words, using at least 5-7 sentences) about Betye Saar's artwork.  In your paragraph, explain/describe what her artwork was like (realistic or abstract, types of colors used-warm, cool, realistic or symbolic colors? Etc...) Also discuss what types of materials she used.  Was the artwork 2-D (flat) or 3-D or both? What types of themes did she use in her art? In other words, what was her artwork about? What was she trying to say to her audience/viewers in your opinion?
    4. Give a paragraph summary in your own words about the article on Wikipedia (3-5 sentences) Then give a sentence or two about your own opinion on this topic.
    6th grade- Do "Word Art" project given to you by Ms. Smith (Do 8.)
    7th grade- Do the "Living Mixtures" (combining animals) project given to you by Ms. Smith (Do 6.) 
    My Classroom Mission

    Our classroom mission is to learn what the elements and principles of art are, how to identify them, and how to use them to create art.  We will also learn about different artists and art periods, as well as how to use various techniques and materials, while maintaining a positive attitude and giving 100% effort.                                                          Ms. Angela Smith
     About Me
     This is my 15th year of teaching art, and my sixth year at NIMS. I have also taught at West Middle and Statesville Christian.  I am very happy to be here!  Middle School is my favorite age to teach.  I lived my whole life in Tennessee until after college, and then I moved to the Statesville area.  I earned both my BFA and my MS in Art Education at the University of Tennessee. Go Vols! I have 2 daughters. One is in the 12th grade, and the other is in college. We have a dog and 2 cats.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, doing acrylic and watercolor paintings, playing tennis, and going shopping.