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    “Someday, in the distant future, our grandchildren's grandchildren will develop a new equivalent of our classrooms. They will spend many hours in front of boxes with fires glowing within. May they have the wisdom to know the difference between light and knowledge.” -Plato


    About Me
    This is my second year at Mount Mourne Middle School as my family moved to the Mooresville area in July of last year. I hail from Boone, NC where I attended Watauga High School.  
    I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2004 with a BA in History and my license to teach social studies. In 2011 I graduated from Boise State University with a Masters in Educational Technology. 
    In the years between obtaining my academic degrees I taught English as a Second Language internationally. I taught with the Peace Corps in a small village in the Republic of Moldova and at two private schools in Istanbul, Turkey. 
    I have a three year old son, Ayaz, who occupies much of my time outside school.
    About My Position
    As the blended learning coach at Mount Mourne School, my primary charge is to facilitate the implementation of blended and personalized learning.
    Blended learning involves taking the best aspects of traditional, face to face instruction and combining those aspects with the best aspects of digital learning. Personalized learning entails tailoring instruction to the specifics needs of students.
    This project is funded by a federal grant called the IMPACT grant, which stands for Innovative Methods in Personalizing Academics Complemented by Technology. You can find more information about the specifics of the IMPACT grant on the IMPACT subsection of the ISS District Page.
    Contact Information
    Email: kelly_coban@iss.k12.nc.us
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