• BULLYING POLICY Policy#1710/4021/7230

    TheIredell-Statesville Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to promoteand maintain a healthy, safe, orderly, and caring learning environment in thepublic schools, an environment that is free from bullying, and is inclusive ofall students and employees. This policy includes, but is not limited to, thefollowing types of acts: bullying based on an individual’s race, color, sex,religion, creed, ethnicity, political 

    belief, age, nationalorigin, linguistic and language differences, sexual orientation, genderidentity/expression, socioeconomic status, physical characteristics, maritalstatus, or disability. It is possible for bullying to occur at various levels;between fellow 

    students orco-workers, between supervisors and subordinates, between employees andstudents, or imposed by non-employees, including visitors, on employees and/orstudents. The IredellStatesville Board of Education prohibits acts of bullying.Like 

    other disruptive orviolent behaviors bullying or discrimination is conduct that impedes both astudent’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate its students in asafe environment. 


    Therefore, this policywill apply, including but not limited to, the following circumstances: 

    1. While in any schoolbuilding or on any school premises before, during or after school hours; 

    2. While on any bus orother vehicle as part of any school activity; 

    3. While waiting atany bus stop; 

    4. During any schoolfunction, extracurricular activity or other activity or event; 

    5. When subject to theauthority of school personnel; and 

    6. Any time or placewhen the behavior has a direct and immediate effect on maintaining order anddiscipline in the schools. 



    Intentional: Apurposeful or hurtful act or behavior.

    Imbalanced: Imbalancedof power: “ganging up,” racial, age, name 

    calling, gender, size,etc.

    Repeated: Theintentional behavior is repeated over time.



    Physical: hitting,punching, pinching, etc.

    Verbal: directinsults/put downs, name calling, threats

    Social/RelationalAggression: spreading rumors/lies about someone to damage their reputation orpunish them socially Sexual Harassment: continued, unwanted attention of asexual nature



    Board policies mayauthorize suspension for conduct not occurring on educational property, butonly if the student’s conduct otherwise violates the Code of Student Conductand the conduct has or is reasonably expected to have a direct and 

    immediate impact onthe orderly and efficient operation of the schools or the safety of individualsin the school environment.


    G.S. § 115C-390.2(c)May include but not limited to social media 

    sites like facebook,myspace, twitter, etc.



    Iredell-StatesvilleSchools Board of Education has a zero tolerance for bullying of any kind. Toreport a bully, visit your school’s website and click on the quicklink on thetop right titled “Report A Bully”. The completed form will then automaticallybe sent to the school’s principal or designee to investigate.



    Individual responses:positive behavioral interventions (e.g., peer mentoring, short-term counseling,life skills groups and punitive actions (e.g., in-school suspension,expulsion). 

    Classroom responses:class discussions, role-playing activities, research projects, observing anddiscussing audio-visual materials on these subjects, skill-building lessons incourtesy, tolerance, assertiveness, and conflict management. 

    School-wide responses:theme days, learning-station programs, parent programs, and informationdisseminated to students and parents. 

    Consequences forstudents that violate the bullying policy will depend on the severity of thebehavior. Parents and Students should carefully review policy #1710/4021/7230