• Entering elementary School can be a time of nervousness and anxiety for both students and parents.  All of us at Coddle Creek are excited to have you and your child as a new part of our Coddle Creek Family.  The following resources are for you to read and get some ideas about making the transition to elementary school as special as possible.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or if you'd like to explore all the great things we do here at Coddle Creek!
    Perspectives on Kindergarten: The Transition to Elementary School: From Stanford University, this blog highlights strategies to help students prepare for kindergarten, but also included are tips for elementary transitions. The article will certainly answer many questions about your child’s early education development.
    Transitioning to Elementary School: Tips and Strategies for Students with Disabilities: MyChildWithoutLimits.org highlights some great transition strategies to help your student succeed in elementary school.
    Preparing Your Child for Elementary School: OneToughJob.org produced this blog that offers some quick tips for helping your child transition into elementary school.

    The following link is for parents who have students going to middle school.  This, too, can be a time of nervousness and anxiety.  We know our rising middle schoolers are well-prepared for the years ahead and urge you to continue to support your child and teachers as they progress through their schooling.  We will miss them and we wish them the best of luck! 
    The Elementary to Middle School Transition -- Five Helpful Hints for Parents: These tips from the Association for Middle Level Education are basic, yet extremely practical, offering parents quick and simple strategies for helping elementary students start middle school off on the right foot.

    These resources and others were listed on a fantastic blog by Matt Davis on Edutopia.  You can read his blog and others by going to this link.