• 2016-2017 Highlights 
    Students receive demonstration  Demonstration/Features
     ATF Training Class ATF Training
    IB Activity  IB student dresses in fire gear IB student dresses in fire gear Practicing fire extinguishing Fire extinguishing IB students practice fire extinguishing IB students dressing in fire gear Entanglement Box
    Classroom Speaker
    Tim Warren, Mooresville Fire Marshall spoke with the Fire Science Class at CATS on the use of sprinklers. 
    CATS Receives Fire Truck from Stony Point Fire Department 
    Gerald Clodfelter receives donated fire truck from Stony Point Fire Department.
    ATC Instructor, Ashley Pope, Stony Point Fire Chief Scottie Abernathy and Fire Science Instructor, Gerald Clodfelter. 
     Fire Technology Students Receive Fitness Training from Lt. Perkins of the Mooresville Fire Department
    Lt. Perkins and students prepare for outdoor skills' training  Training
    Push!!!!! Use your legs.  Keep your back straight.
    Keep your chin up.  Lt. Perkins and Instructor Clodfelter supervise students during practice.
    Cross fit training.  Good Job!!!
    Lt. Perkins demonstrates perfect technique.  "I can do this"
    Instructor Clodfelter built an escape wall and an entanglement tunnel for escape skills practice during the school year.
    Escape wall  Entanglement tunnel for practice.
    Constructing the entanglement tunnel.  
    The Annual Fire Science Advisory meeting was held on the campus of CATS on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.  The purpose of the meeting was to receive input from fireman and fire science professionals that would strengthen the Fire Science curriculum at CATS. The meeting was hosted by Instructor Clodfelter and CATS Principal, Larry E. Rogers. 
    Advisory meeting  
    Attendees were very complimentary of the current program and suggested that students build a resume that is impressive to potential employers. Interviewers seek persons who do extra and go beyond the minimum requirements. They also stressed learning excellent writing techniques, learning how to complete an application thoroughly  and learning  how to write strong narratives. 
    Advisory meeting Advisory meeting  
       The Fire Technology Class started at Statesville High School in August 2011.  Firefighting I and II were moved to the Career Academy in the fall of 2012.  These  classes are aligned with the State Fire Marshal's office, offering students the modules to qualify for Firefighting I and II certifications.  The teacher partners with local fire departments for demonstration equipment and skills.  In 2013 the students will be offered classes in the Fire Science two-year degree program at Mitchell Community College.  
       On February 25, 2013 three cadets from the CATS Fire Academy attended Skills USA at Wilkes Community College.  The three cadets were Kevin Entwistle from first semester  Cody Clark and Austin Reneaujacobs from the second semester.  These three cadets competed against 13 other cadets in this regional competition.  The firefighters skills in the competition included putting on the proper personal protective gear
    Suiting up!
       The next skill was a hose drag requiring each cadet to advance 100 feet of uncharged hose line its full length. 
       The next skill station was the raising of a 28-foot ladder, setting it to the proper climbing angle.  The cadets next requirement was to remove equipment from the fire apparatus (truck) using proper lifting and carrying methods. 
    Rescue Drill
       They were required to carry the equipment 30 feet around a safety cone and return it to the truck.The cadets competed also in knot tying in which a rope had to be tied to two different tools using the proper knot for the job.  For the grand finale, the cadets picked up the 180lb. "Rescue Randy," a training dummy using the incline drag method to simulate rescuing a victim a total of 40 ft. to a finish line.
       The finish times varied from just over three minutes to nine minutes.  Proudly, the cadets finished third, fourth and fifth, Cody Clark, Austin Reneaujocobs and Kevin Entwistle, respectively. 
    Rescue Drills            Rescue Drill