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    Happy New Year!!

    I hope you have had a safe and wonderful holiday. As we begin the second semester, I  am  reminded of  our ultimate goal, which  is to help every student become a critical, reflective thinker, courageous problem-solver, and engaged, compassionate community builder.  We believe that families are essential partners in this educational endeavor and that there is no limit to how much they can contribute to our school community.  We believe in the power of relationships.   We believe that students should demonstrate their learning in meaningful ways and should have opportunities to apply their learning in the world they live in.   

    As I think about our school, and I think about all the students, parents, and teachers who make up our community, I can’t help but think that this is a wonderful place for students to enjoy learning.

    I anticipate your continued  valuable support as we proceed with exams and close out the first half of our school year. I anticipate a second  semester of more competitions that will highlight the positive things that make CATS so unique. 

    Please refer to our Exam Schedule, the ending dates for all our on-line classes and the begining dates for on-line testing and start-up of second semester.  

    You are always welcome on our campus to visit and share your expertise and suggestions.


    Larry E. Rogers



    Come and visit CATS