• We are proud to be able to share our Coddle Creek Spirit Rock with our Coddle Creek families!  Our Rock can be used to celebrate birthdays, a congratulatory message, or any other special event in a student's life.  
    • Mrs. Booth will begin taking reservations in July.  
    • $10 fee for Saturday to Friday - Saturday morning is the earliest for painting the rock
    • Must have paid reservation fee to be scheduled
    • We reserve the right to limit amounts of time reserved by individuals
    • Spots fill up very quick - especially during Open House
    Please review the calendar on this page to ensure you are scheduled and paint the rock on your correct week.
     If you wish to keep it a surprise and off of the calendar, please let us know and we'll put something else on there to take the place of your last name.
    Please Note:  The Coddle Creek Elementary administration reserves the right to use their judgement on the nature of any messages painted on the Spirit Rock and may remove any messages that are deemed inappropriate or not school related.