• Mrs. Theresa Pulyer 

    Caseload: All AP Academy students and 12th grade

    Phone: 704-873-2181

    Degrees and Certifications:

    • Bachelor of Arts in English, cognate in Education-University of South Carolina, Columbia
    • Master of Arts in School Counseling- UNC Charlotte
    • National Certified Counselor
    • College Admissions Specialist (ASCA)
    • Ethical and Legal Specialist (ASCA)
    • Currently working on Stress and Anxiety Specialist certification (ASCA)


      Mrs. Pulyer

    From YourSchool Counselor…

         I am excited to be a part of the West Iredell High School and Community. I believe the main focus of education is student achievement. I believe that every child is a unique individual who should be given the opportunity tohave a high-quality education. As a school counselor, it is my desire to makesure that students are given a safe environment to learn, respect, and given value to their ideas. There are several ideas that I believe will help to contribute a safe environment, (1) the school counselor being a positive rolemodel, (2) the school counselor encouraging the child to express their ideas and concerns, and (3) the school counselor giving respect to be upheld and given at all times.

         As a school counselor, I will strive to help all students become responsible members of society in the school community. I have kept in mind that many students are different learners therefore; I will guide the guidance lesson hands-on. This will help students acquire the confidence and support they will need to succeed in the classroom as well as life. My main motto for everyone is “NEVER GIVE UP!” I look forward to a GREAT and SUCCESSFUL school year with ALL students and faculties at West Iredell High School. Please do not hesitate to call me during the school hours at 704-873-2181 or come by my office (the door is almost always OPEN).

    Thank You!

    Mrs. Pulyer