• Welcome to Ms. Ketcham's Classroom

    Welcome SHS Students- New and Returning!! We will read so many, many things this semester. I am excited about our upcoming semester together and all the learning and exciting projects that we are going to be working on as a class! 
    My Classroom Mission

    My mission is to help the students grow academically and intellectually as much as possible throughout their time at Statesville High!  I want to help students understand the importance of education and help them become life long learners.
    About Me

    I have taught high school and middle school for several years.  I have taught all grades in high school: IB, honors, standard and remedial of each.  I have also taught reading recovery and correction, and AIG. Not me
    I am fully licensed to teach English Literature and Language Arts, TESOL, and Spanish in grades 6-12.  I have taught in Davie, Forsyth, and Guilford County.   I have two amazing children, a very ugly dog, and far too many chickens.
     I like reading, learning, traveling, great conversations, really bad puns, frogs, ugly things, dry humor, laughing at myself, life's weirdness, coffee and sleep.
    I have never been so happy as I have been teaching in Iredell County at Statesville High. 
    I work for an AMAZING high school! 
    I totally understand why they say,
    "Once a Greyhound, always a Greyhound!"