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    Math 2 Honors/Math 3 Honors

    Required Materials

    ·   A graphing calculator is necessary for the course!  The TI-83, TI-84, or TI-89 family of graphing calculators is preferred as they are referenced in the text, will be used in class, and are most familiar to the instructor.  There will be a few available for use in class.  Additionally, a graphing calculator emulator is preinstalled on student laptops.

    NOTE: these are not required to be purchased, and students will find them useful in math classes throughout their high school and college careers.  

    ·   Notebook; preferred is a quad-ruled composition notebook

    ·   Pencil (No.2 or mechanical)

    ·   Colored Pencils or Pens (recommended)

    Classroom Expectations are simple. 

    Be respectful of...(now you complete the sentence to the situation at hand) 


     Why I became a teacher:
    "Because someone made a difference for me..."

    Classroom Premise:
    Problem-solving is by no means limited to mathematics. 
    The skills learned by participating in our classroom
    should serve you throughout your life.  

     My Teaching Philosophy
    "Yes, there is mathematics anxiety, and it is not a disease...[I see my task] is
    to reduce that fear, to present and examine the material in such a way as 
    to minimize the dangers and give the students as much confidence as possible
    that the study process will bear fruit."
    -- Jonathan Lewin, My Philosophy of Mathematics Education, Kennesaw State Univ.
    Math Students' FAQ 
    About Me (before teaching)

    Davidson College, 1986 (Biology)
    Father, husband, friend, cook, gardener, flyfisher, beekeeper.
    Former Radio DJ.
    Former Molecular Biology researcher.
    Former Investment Adviser & Financial Planner.
    Logan H's Graphic Design classwork!  
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