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    Welcome to my MYP IB Design Technology Classroom

    Where we will explore the world of STEM & Computer Science using the Design Cycle 
    Miss Alina Segovia Adams
    Chibi Neko  

    Email Address: asadams@iss.k12.nc.us
    Room: 6
    Some things to ponder on ... 
    • INTELLIGENCE: Not because you think you know everything without question; but you question everything you think you know...
    • A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic - Carl Sagan
    • Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein
    • A is AAristotle's Metaphysics
    • Replace fear of the unknown with CURIOSITY !!!

    My Classroom Mission
    My mission is for my students is to prepare them to be be able to use technology successfully as a tool not a crutch through out their lives.  I want to encourage my students to be independent, productive, life-long learners, problem solvers and thinkers by always questioning everything they think they know, replace their fear of the unknown with curiosity and to never give up.  It is my honor and responisbility to provide my students with an education and knowledge which is an gift that cannot be taken away. I will bring all my work and life experiences to the classroom to help my students be better prepared for the world and working environment.

    About Me

    Hi, my name is Miss Alina Segovia Adams and I love Mathematics, Computers, Engineering, Physics, Logic, Philosophy, Music, the Arts, and all forms of Dance (especially Ballet).  I also love a challenge, to solve problems, and to fix things. I hope to share my enthusiasms for all the things I love with my students and make my classes interesting.  

    I was born in Havana, Cuba and I speak, read, and write Spanish. When I was about five, my family gave up everything we had except for what we could fit in a couple of suitcases and left for Spain to escape the tyranny of Communism. After a year in Spain, we finally were able to come to America and moved to Chicago, Illinois. I have also lived in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Orlando Florida.  In the summer of 2000, we moved to Mooresville, North Carolina.

    I have three great children.  The oldest, a daughter, has her degree in International Asian Studies and is teaching English in Japan to Japanese students under the JET Program. My second daughter will complete her Masters in December 2017 and has just finished her Industrial Engineering Degree and a minor in Computer Science (she just turned 22).  My third and youngest, a son, is in college majoring in Computer Science.

    My education consists of obtaining have an A.S. Degree in Computer Science from Miami-Dade Community College and a B.S. Degree in Business Administration with Minor in Management from Florida Atlantic University. To become a teacher, I completed my required Education Courses at ECU of North Carolina. I am planning to pick up where Ieft off in completing my Masters in Teacher Leadership in Curriculum & Instruction or Instructional Technology.

    I am a lateral entry educator with almost 25 years of work experience in the Information Technology Field mostly supporting Engineering & Finance Departments throughout most of my business career.  I haved worked in the following positions of Programmer Analyst, Sr. Programmer Systems Analyst, Systems Integrator, Sr. Financial Systems Analyst, Oracle PL/SQL Database Programmer Analyst,  Sr. Data Analyst, and Informix DBA.

    As for my teaching experience, I started my teaching career in 2005:

    2005 - 2009:
    Taught Cisco Networking I-IV, Computer Science, & Computer Programming in Lake Norman High School
    2009 - 2014:
    Taught Computer Technology, Exploring Careers, Computer Programming, Web Programming, & headed up the Computer Science and Origami Club at Lakeshore Middle School.
    2014 - Present:
    Teaching MYP Design Cycle at Mt. Mourne IB School where I have the honor and pleasure to be teaching here at Mt. Mourne since 2014 where I teach MYP Design, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics), and Computer Science Discoveries.

    I will bring all my work and life experiences to the classroom to help my students be better prepared for the world and working environment. 
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