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        ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

    Why Study Spanish?
    Learning Spanish opens a window of opportunities for your future. If you speak Spanish, you can communicate with over 500 million people worldwide! Speaking Spanish gives you a skill that is desired by employers on local, national, and international scales. Colleges require 2 foreign langauge credits in high school; however, 3 or more credits are recommended.
    • In the US and Europe, Spanish is the 2nd most commonly spoken langauge next to English.
    • Knowing Spanish will expand your world. You will have more confidence to travel to other countries, particularly those in which Spanish is spoken.
    • You will gain more insight into your own language by studying a foreign language.  
    • Knowing Spanish will enable you to help others locally and internationally. Locally, you will be able to help in a situation in which a non-Spanish speaker and a non-English speaker are trying to communicate. Internationally, there are many people in Latin American countries who live in poverty and are in serious need. Studying Spanish will prepare you to go there and make a difference.
    My Classroom Mission:
    Through studying Spanish, we will not only learn how to speak the language, but also we will develop insights into other cultures and gain awareness of social issues that are seen across Latin America, Spain, and the United States. Being aware of other cultures and languages is essential to being an active citizen of a global community. Thus, my mission is to make learning accessible for all students in order for you to be successful in learning the fundamentals of the Spanish language and understanding cultural aspects of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries around the world.

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