• Welcome to my Classroom!!

    Caitlin Troutman

    Welcome to American History I! This fall we will be exploring the history of the United States from the founding of American up through Reconstruction after the Civil War. We will also be studying the various major events that have shaped our country into what it is today.    
    Welcome to Civics and Economics! This fall we will be exploring the historical, political, and economic structure of the country. We will also be developing active and informed citizens. 
    My Classroom Mission
    It is the mission of my classroom that every student gain the knowledge to become an active citizen and achieve success as a twenty-first century learner.  It is the goal of my classroom that every child achieve and succeed in completing the standards for this course.  
    About Me
    Graduate of South Iredell High School 
    Bachelor's Degree in History and Secondary Education from Appalachian State University
    Master's Degree in History Education from Appalachian State University
    I am an Iredell County native and after graduating from South Iredell High School, I moved to Boone while attending Appalachian State University. I am an absolute fanatic about Appalachian and rarely, if ever, miss an Appalachian football game. GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!! I have always believed being a history teacher is an amazing career choice because I get to share the stories of the past and help to pass along our culture to the next generation. I consider this a great honor. I grew up a SIHS Viking and I look forward to continuing my teaching career back in the high school where I began my love of history.