• Welcome to Mr. Earnhardt's Classroom! 

    Name: Ryan Earnhardt
    Email: ryan_earnhardt@iss.k12.nc.us
    School Phone: 704-873-3491

    "That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well."
     - My Classroom Mission - 
    Students will investigate key people, events and concepts in search of developing a better understanding of the history of the United States. Learners will also utilize critical thinking to determine how our nation's past impacts our lives today, as well as in the future.

    The Process: inquiry > research > collaboration > presentation > reflection

      - About Me - 
    This is my 8th year as a teacher here at Statesville High School! I graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina in December of 2009. I am formerly the School Improvement Team Chairperson here at Statesville High, and currently serve as AIG co-coordinator and as a member of the James Iredell AP Academy. I enjoy playing fantasy football, visiting the mountains, training for my second half marathon, watching Appalachian football and Duke basketball, and going on walks through downtown with my lovely wife Storm, and our dog, Penelope. I also love making history more exciting to others, and presenting difficult information in new ways, in hopes that my students can make their own connections and take ownership of their futures! 
    AP Workshop  UNCC  
                                              College Board AP US History Conference  College Board AP Summer Institute     
                                                Vance High School - October 28, 2011      UNC Charlotte - July 9-13, 2012
                                           Davidson  Google
                                            College Board AP US Summer Institute       Google for Education Summit
                                              Davidson College - June 23-27, 2014       Hickory, NC - August 5-6, 2014