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ISS WikiCues, Questions, and Advance Organizers

Wordle.netRearrange words into art

Website full of fun things for students to do and create

Make a movieOnline movie maker for students

Flickr WordsOne word photos on Flickr

TONS of Powerpoint presentations for the classroom

Travel PhotosPhotos from around the world, free to use

Interactive online posters - (all 6th graders have an account)

Online ReferencesOnline Reference Resources

A giant storage of videos, documents, audio, and much more for teachers to use

Slide ShareShare or view presentations

A teacher's blog
So much information here, you have to check it out

NCLive.orgThousands of movie clips to use during lessons

Create a free classroom wiki to have students collaborate on work (select Education, sign up now, free)

Allows you to upload pictures to make a 30 sec movie

RubistarMake rubrics for free - and save them!

Strategy BankDifferent activities to Activate Prior Knowledge

Internet Archive
An internet database library of information

Peace CorpsInternational Teacher Lesson Plans

Gagglestudent and teacher interaction through email

EduplaceA wealth of graphic organizers
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AdlitA very useful website for Adolescent Literacy

Plot DiagramOnline Plot Diagram - interactive!

IdiomsA ton of idioms! (get it?)
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Math LibraryA huge list of Math lessons, ideas, & games

Problem of the weekEach week a new problem

Absurd MathPreAlgebra from another dimension

Pleacher.comFun tricks for students and teachers to play

Math is Fun
Interactive notes, lessons, and games on different levels of math
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World Wide Telescope
WorldWide Telescope (WWT) enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope

Kids Health
Activities about the body and health

National Geographic Movie MakerMake videos of endangered species
Social Studies:
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On the IssuesEvery political leader on every issue

Everything to know about Ancient Greece movies
Thousands of movies at the History Channel
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National Geographic Movie Maker
Make videos of endangered species

Make a movieOnline movie maker for students

A program that allows students to become programmers 
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Spanish Grammar
Grammar exercises in Spanish
Teacher created games on Spanish vocabulary
Digital Dialects
Vocab building games, activities, and lessons
Teacher created games on French vocabulary
(French & Spanish)
Lessons and activities for all levels
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Kids HealthActivities about the body and health
Copyright & Plagiarism 
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We Are Multicolored
Create your own flag, according to you

Travel PhotosPhotos from around the world, free to use
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Digital Bloom's