Pro-Start (Culinary Arts & Hospitality)

  • Love cooking, baking, and hosting events?  Our Culinary Arts program gives students the experience of cooking in a professional kitchen environment and preparing banquets for various organizations throughout the semester.   This course involves both theory and actual hands on lab and work experience. Successful completion of this program includes the ServSafe certification required of all food service workers today.  This grants our students a leg-up on the competition when applying for jobs in the industry.  Each year, the Culinary program also hosts a job fair assisting students with the transfer directly into the workforce, or a part-time job to help with higher education costs.

    Designed around the nationally acclaimed ProStart program,  our courses include an industry-driven curriculum to teach, test and award industry recognized certification to students meeting high standards in foodservice and restaurant education. ProStart is a two-year curriculum developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. This state-driven and industry-backed curriculum is based on the knowledge high school students need to be successful in the restaurant industry. Coupled with relevant work-based experiences, this curriculum enriches, enhances, and reinforces what students learn in the classroom and provides students with opportunities to develop and practice skills critical to their future success. By integrating classroom learning with job experiences, ProStart provides students with opportunities to learn and practice important skills related to leadership and responsibility.

    These skill sets serve as a foundation to professional, trained, and educated employees. It is a school-to- career path for high school students interested in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

Last Modified on December 4, 2018