The differentiated diploma program is a highly structured and limited opportunity for a select number of students whose circumstances prevent graduation from high school. Students must complete 21 required and elective credits in order to receive a North Carolina high school diploma. The program is coordinated through Springs Academy.

    Referrals are submitted by the school principal and reviewed by a committee of school system staff. Only students who demonstrate a high degree of motivation and cooperation will be accepted into the program.

    The student application packet must be completed in order for the referral to be considered. The review committee will give strong consideration to each student’s Commitment Agreement in determining which students will be accepted. All applications must be signed by a parent/guardian.


    1. Students must be a junior in HS before admission to the program.

    2. A SSP/plan for graduation will be developed for every student admitted to the program.

    3. Students will agree to comply with the therapeutic interventions provided by Springs

    4. Academy (if in attendance at Springs Academy) in the form of the Teaching Family Model in order to receive additional guidance, support and social skill development.

    5. Students admitted will attend the school setting deemed the most appropriate by the review committee to encourage completion of the diploma requirements. Possible settings include but are not limited to: Student’s home school, Springs Academy, and Monticello School.

    6. The Principal of Springs Academy, Monticello School, or the student’s home school will have the authority to dismiss any students from the diploma program who are disruptive, uncooperative, or not making progress toward graduation.

    7. Only students displaying a significant hardship that will impede their ability to graduate from high school in the traditional fashion or who are strongly considering dropping out of school will be admitted.

Last Modified on April 9, 2008