• Mission
    Pressly will transition students who are respectful and positive individuals back to their traditional school.  We will provide high academic expectations for all students to be successful through the use of the common core.
    Pressly's vision is for all students to have a successful learning experience and to transition to their home school.
    We value meeting the emotional and academic needs of our diverse learners, commitment to staff collaboration, data-driven decision making at the school and classroom level, fully integrated classrooms, parental and community involvement in our student's educations, stakeholder input and the continuous improvement process.
    Pressly's goal is to for all students to successfully return to their home school!
    Pressly School employs a best practice model focused on meeting the individual needs of students and building on strengths using innovative approaches.
    Demographics 1-Elementary Classroom, 2-Middle Schools, 3-High Schools are designed to meet the needs of students with mild to moderate behavior challenges.  These classrooms feature:  1 to 4 staff to student ratio, twelve student limits in each classroom to protect the small learning environment, experiential learning paired with therapeutic activities, self-management/interpersonal skills training, functional application of academic skills, positive based motivation, and availability of individual and family counseling.  Students must meet mental health eligibility criteria to receive services.
    Community Offerings: See "Our Partners"
    Program Offerings: Day Treatment

    Key Focus for the 2013-2014 school year: See our School Improvement Plan

Last Modified on May 8, 2014