• Monticello SAVE Program Procedures and Expectations 


    Purposes and Expectations:   The SAVE Program is offered by I-SS to provide students with an alternative to the traditional school setting. These students typically have a life circumstance that may lead them to drop out of school. While attending our SAVE Program, students will earn credits toward graduation, along with credit recovery.  Students are expected to maintain regular attendance, be on time, and show commitment to their course of study.  Students will remain on task while here, engaging in minimal talk and zero disruptive behavior. If these expectations are not met, students' contract will be re-evaluated to determine students' placement while attending Monticello.

    Attendance:  There is often a waiting list of students wishing to be enrolled in SAVE.  After the third un-excused absence, Monticello leadership team will consider revoking SAVE privileges to help determine which program best suits the student.  If the student must be late, it is their responsibility to call and inform the instructor as soon as possible. The SAVE instructor should also be notified in a timely manor if the student will be absent.

    Requirements for Obtaining Course Credit:  Students will be required to complete the curriculum and possess a passing average on all unit and semester tests to receive credit.

    Courses Requiring State EOC Test:  Courses requiring an end-of-course (EOC) test require a pass of that test to receive credit.  In other words, you must pass the EOC test in order to receive credit for the course.  This requirement is consistent with I-SS policy.  Students may be responsible for additional study, and/or skills, as part of the curriculum.  Students must have scored a 40 or better average to be referred.  Students with 40 or better average should not be referred if their previous teacher in consultation with the referring counselor do not have a reasonable expectation fro successful completion of the course.  Students may not begin an EOC course with less than eight weeks remaining in the semester.

    Food, Drinks, and Breaks:  Food, drinks, and snacks are not permitted at Monticello.  No food or drinks are allowed near computers at any time.  Scheduled breaks are worked into the day for students. 

    Computer Usage:  Computer use is restricted to Gradpoint use only.  Un-authorized use of the internet is strictly forbidden.  Refer the Tele-Communications Code of Ethics.

    Student Responsibilities:  Students are responsible for understanding and following the rules and regulations contained in the Iredell-Statesville Schools Student Handbook.  Be aware that if students leave campus during SAVE class time, they will not be allowed back on campus and will not receive credit for the day.  On campus violations of weapons, drugs and tobacco policies among others will result in immediate dismissal from the SAVE Program and may result in criminal charges.  General rules of conduct include but are not limited to:

    1.  Come to school prepared. (charged laptops)

    2.  No abuse, misuse, or vandalism of school property.

    3.  No cell phone use is permitted to make calls.

    4.  Any display of argumentative, disrespectful, disruptive behavior or "off task" behavior is not acceptable.

     Monticello staff reserves the right to alter seating arrangements or take whatever action necessary to insure a safe and productive learning environment.

    Miscellaneous:  It is possible that power surges, power outages or equipment failures will result in lost work or temporary delays in the ability to do work.  Staff will make every effort to keep the technology component of the program running as smoothly as possible.  Staff is in no way responsible for work lost, or work delays experienced by students due to technological issues.

Last Modified on January 27, 2016