• Leadership recognizes students that spend time outside their normal academic work contributing the CCTL school/family environment by giving of their time to clubs, community service, peer tutoring, working with instructors effectively. The use good manners and show excellent character traits in all their endeavors, including adhering to school rules and completing academic work to the best of their abilities.


    Academic achievement recognizes students that go beyond the minimum requirements set forth by instructors. Students are seeking to advance their own learning through collaboration with other students and establishing relationships of their learning to real world experiences. Students nominated for this award do not have to have the highest averages, but are working at a level that challenges them to achieve beyond minimum expectations of others. Learning has become self-directed and internal.


    Personal achievement recognizes students that have set goals for themselves and achieved them either in academics, work experience, or leadership involvement. This award could also be called improvement. It could involve a hobby or an outside activity such as music or art performances. This award seeks to expose others to learning environments beyond traditional academics.
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Last Modified on September 14, 2011