• For CCTL students only:
    Before you ask a teacher or submit a support form, refer to the FAQ section on this page. Make every effort to PROBLEM SOLVE and find a solution for the issue. You might also try searching the error message online. 
    If your issue is already addressed in the FAQ section below, your request form will be discarded. Please understand that we all have to participate in the trouble-shooting (problem-solving) process to ensure the success of this outstanding program.

    ***YOU MUST provide as much information about the error as possible (e.g. (when applicable) user or log in id, exact error messages, details of exactly what you are doing, what browser you are using, type of internet connection, and any other information that might be helpful). Failure to provide this information will result in a delay in your problem resolution.***

    Choose the correct form for the particular technology-related issue you are experiencing. Selecting the incorrect form will result in a delay or possible lack of resolution for your issue. Read and choose carefully. 
    • Adobe Creative Cloud Software Issues/Failures - See or email Mr. Lellie
    DO THIS FIRST   ******QUIT all programs and RESTART your MAC before you request help. If your MAC has not been restarted, then the resolution of your issue WILL be delayed.******* 
    Internet Connectivity Issues:
    • Internet access issues (including Zscaler) will not be addressed when outside of CCTL normal operating hours. You will need to find an alternate means to access the internet.
    • Connecting to WiFi away from CCTL: 
      • Connect to the correct wifi router.
      • Make sure you enter the correct password for the WiFi router (case sensitive).
      • You may be asked to enter YOUR mac login password to complete the process - DO NOT CANCEL this box or you will not have internet access. 
    • Zscaler user id = lunchnumber@student.iss.k12.nc.us and the password is the same as your Macbook login password.
      • If you get a "page not available" error when you open your browser, and you are certain you are connected to the internet, try several different URLs and different browsers. Relocate to a different WiFi connection and try again.
      • Restart your Mac
      • Also, turn off pop-up blocking for your browser: Chrome, Safari
    Software, Apps, Online Apps used by CCTL:
      • Beginning Fall 2016, we will use Filewave Kiosk for software installs, updates, and upgrades. ALWAYS check the Filewave Kiosk BEFORE submitting a ticket. Anything in the kiosk is available for you to install without admin rights (Click red flame, install software).
      • Issues might easily be resolved by clicking the Kiosk icon (red flame) in the upper right of your display, click Client Info, click Verify, and wait a few minutes.
    • Printing - You should be able to add printers on the CCTL network and at home. If you are unable to, then you need to submit a ticket (below).
    • Study Island, NoRedInk, and Turnitin accounts are managed by the teacher in whose class you are using them. Ask that teacher for assistance.
    • If you have problems running plug-ins like Quicktime, RealPlayer, Java, etc. Look for a message in the browser (usually YELLOW and at the top of the browser) and Always Allow the plug-in to run. Only after you have done this should you submit a support form.
    • Adobe Flash Player: After the latest Google Chrome update, Adobe Flash Player will no longer work with Chrome. Therefore, before you submit a ticket, make sure you have tried to run your app through Safari. If Chrome is set as your default browser, then you need to change that to Safari.
    • If you have a problem running Java-based programs, open System Preferences, Java Preferences, Network Settings, check Direct Connect, OK. OR open System Preferences, Java Preferences, Security, Reset Security Prompts. Then, open the program again and THIS time make sure you TRUST the application you are trying to run. 
    Software, Apps, Online Apps used by MCC or ISS (not within our realm of control):
    • NCEdCloud User ID and Password - Click Need Help? on the my.ncedcloud.org page. Follow directions.
      • If you are unable to resolve this issue on your own, one of your teachers can help you (during school hours).
    • MCC WiFi - Contact Mitchell IT for help.
    • Moodle Login - Follow directions under "Lost Password?"
    • Respondus - For MCC online courses. Respondus requires that we turn off ARD. We will not turn off ARD; therefore, you need to plan ahead and take your quizzes on a different computer or a computer in one of MCCs computer labs.
    • You are responsible for keeping track of ALL of your usernames and passwords for all academic-related sites and software. 
    • We recommend that you create a password-protected document that you use as a repository for this information. Obviously, you'll want to remember the password and to keep a backup copy of the file. 

    Hardware Issues:
    • You may be liable for any and all repairs to your laptop caused by abuse and/or neglect (such as carrying it open, lifting it by the display, leaving it powered on in the case for hours or days).
    • Even though they look like them, Macbooks are not food or drink trays.
    • Drinking and eating on or near your laptop will eventually result in damage you will have to pay for.
    • Macbooks do not bounce (well).
    • Macbooks are PORTABLE devices. This implies that you are responsible for keeping them charged for all classes. Charge at night and at lunch.
    • Keeping your Macbook powered on (even in sleep mode) while in the case for more than 30 minutes will cause heat damage to your Macbook. Shut it down (power off) if you are not going to use your Mac within 10 or 15 minutes of placing it in its case.
    • When you carry your Macbook around open, you will damage the display and the display attachment.
     **Summer Session Special Note** - If you have a school-issued Macbook for summer classes, please keep in mind that technical support over the summer is very limited. Make sure you complete your assignments in advance, anticipating technical issues, and make arrangements to use another computer if you experience issues with your Macbook or internet access. Any technical issues you report may take days to resolve, especially if they occur over a weekend or holiday.

Last Modified on August 15, 2018