• Welcome to my Classroom!  

    WHERE WILL YOU GO:  London, Scotland, Ireland, Paris??? 
    Martha Simonsen

    Guten Morgen!  Guten Tag!  Wilkommen!
    Good morning, welcome!
    My Classroom Mission
    In the German class, students will be able to converse with others about themselves and be able to function in a German-speaking country.  Students will be able to proficiency the first year of German at a university.
    In English 3, students will be able to understand American literature, the Puritan basis of our country, and different genres of American lit including novels, poems, drama and short stories.  They will complete a research project on their career choice, which may be included in their senior project. 
    English 2 students will be reading several novels, short stories and a play.  This is a world literature course so stories are concentrated on European, African and Asian cultures.   Their project is to create an autobiography, which we have already started. 
    About Me

    I began my German studies during my high school years in Ohio after taking two years of Latin and some French and Spanish.  I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and obtained my BS at Ohio State University with a major in English and a minor in German Education.  I have taught here at West for 20 years.  I started teaching English as a Second Language and obtained certification in ESL while teaching German part time.  I have taught German at Mitchell Community College and have been fortunate to be able to take ten trips to Europe with groups of students, teachers, parents and friends/family.

    Lenoir-Rhyne Language Festival 2007