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    1. Ever wonder which looney tune character is most like you?
    2. Want to know which fruit your personality is most like?
    3. Want to know about that dream of zombies?
    4. Ever wonder why  "old" people drive slow?
    5. Ponder why  people press harder on a remote control when the battery is dead?
    If you want the answers to these questions (and many more) you have to sign up for Psychology class!
    My Classroom Mission

    To have all my classes master the essential learning requirements so as to make at least a minimum score of proficient on the North Carolina Final Exam
    About Me
    Majored in History and Psychology, I am A.I.G.(Academically and Intellectually Gifted) Certified and A.P. (Advanced Placement) Certified.

    US History and Psychology are my favorite classes to teach. I've taught for 20+ years.