• Hello all!  Welcome to my website!  This site is a place where you can access essential information about our class and learn where we will be going next.
    My Supply List for AP Literature and for AP Language classes:
    a 2" to 3" binder for many, many handouts and notes taken during class
    loose-leaf paper (college or wide-ruled)
    a highlighter
    blue or black ink pens for graded work
    1 pack of 3 x 5 index cards 
    1 pack of 4 x 6 index cards
    About Me

    As you know, my name is Angela Ramsey.  I am a Stony Point native and a 1998 graduate of West Iredell High School.  I was a NC Teaching Fellow at Western Carolina University.  I greatly enjoyed my time in Cullowhee, NC, but was ready to come home upon graduation to teach in my home county.  I consider myself extremely blessed to have been able to secure a position at West Iredell High.  I have been teaching here since 2002.  My husband Adam and I have been married for seven years and have two sons: Micah, 2, and Willie, born July 2013.
    Our English IV Classroom Mission

    We are here to expand our grammatical skills and vocabulary, enhance our knowledge of British literature,and to make at least an 80 on each progress report, which will be distributed every 3 weeks.  We are also here to successfully complete and hand in our required senior project. 
    English IV Essential Curriculum
    1. Reflect on his/her own ideas
    2. Make connections between life and texts
    3. Compose texts to help audiences understand principles
    4. Analyze principles in life and literature
    5. Research, organize, and deliver argument to an intended audience
    6. Understanding how literary movements influence writers
    7. Develop critiques for different texts
    8. Comprehend texts and relate issues to a variety of circumstances
    9. Apply knowledge of literary terms and correct grammar to write clearly
    10. Revise and edit writing and speaking