• Freshmen Camp Begins at West Iredell High School

    July 22, 2008 - Day 1

    Freshman campday 1


    Today was the first day of "getting to know" your school at West Iredell High School Freshman Camp. Students spent the day taking tours of the "new" WIHS campus, along with various math and language arts activities. Rising 9th graders were introduced to team building activities to help build better relationships among thier classmates.

    July 23, 2008 - Day 2 Letterboxing and Science Activities



    bockLetterboxing is an intriguing pastime combining artistic ability with delightful "treasure-hunts" in beautiful, scenic places that the whole family can enjoy. Participants seek out hidden letterboxes by following clues, and then record their discovery in their personal journal with the help of a rubber stamp that's part of the letterbox. For our purposes, boxes are hidden throughout the school to help familiarize students with different locations around the school building and grounds. Students will work in groups to follow the clues and locate the boxes.
    Science Activities for the day
                       July 24, 2008 - Day 3 Leadership and Team building
    sgt majorToday's activities were focused on leadership and team building skills. These activities were led by our award winning JROTC program. Our cadets, under the leadership of Sgt. Major Thompson, led students through a series of excercises on the ropes bridge, dodge ball, and reley races. All of these activities were addressed to promote teamwork amoung all students.

    The Freshman Leadership Academy was implemented at West Iredell High School to help rising ninth grade students transition to high school.  Students will encounter a smaller learning community with a wide variety of class choices and  more personal contact with teachers, counselors and the principal.  New surroundings may seem overwhelming, often leading to discouragement and poor academic performance.  By focusing on core academics, character and proper study habits, we are preparing our freshmen not only for the remainder of their high school career, but also for the challenges of becoming productive members of our community.




    ·          Reduce the ninth grade failure rate

    ·          Lower the dropout rate

    ·          Increase the attendance rate

    ·          Ease the transition from middle school to high school

    ·          Reduce discipline referrals

    ·          Improve student self-perception

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    1.         Create a smaller, safer, more personal,  high school learning environment where teachers, staff, students, parents and community groups care for one another and work together to support student learning and achievement.

    2.         Increase educational expectations for our students to ensure that all students reach their highest potential and earn their high school diploma.

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    Leadership Skills:

      All Freshmen will take an elective course entitled Leadership Skills.  It is divided into two 9-week sessions with a different teacher for each section.

      One session will be an individual skills class.  Students will study self-awareness, diversity, brain structure and function, study skills, vocabulary strategies, study habits, test taking techniques and the like. 

      The other session will be a careers class and will include the study of jobs in the 21st century.  The education required for competitive employment, job shadowing, guest speakers and field trips are part of the curriculum.

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    What are some of the benefits?

    1.         Provide structure to freshmen as they adjust to their new surroundings.

    2.         Higher teacher/student rapport

    3.         Greater sense of belonging

    4.         Improved student attendance

    5.         Greater communication between school and home

    6.         Fewer behavior problems

    7.         Common teacher planning time to address lesson and student needs as well as conference times with parents.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.          Where will the Freshman Leadership Academy be located?

    The Academy is located in the "New" Freshman Academy building, completed in November 07.

    2.          What are Teacher Advisory Groups?

    Each Freshman will be assign to a Teacher Advisory Group.  Each group will have a maximum of 20 students.  Advisors will work to build positive relationships with their group members, personalizing the school experience for each student.  Students and advisors will work together to establish a Personalized Education Plan which will enable the student to set high but attainable education and career goals.  Teacher/Advisors will monitor student progress and grades as well as provide referrals to academic tutoring and other academic assistance programs.  Each Advisory Group will participate in at least one Community Project each year.

    3.          Is there anything planned during the summer between 8th and 9th grades?

    Rising ninth graders with identified academic weaknesses will be given the chance to attend an intensive Summer Academic Camp which will consist of a one-week camp, 5 hours per day for English and Math.  Also, a week of high interest activities is planned for all incoming freshmen to get acquainted with the school and their teachers.

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    Freshman Schedule:


    Students will take 8 courses, including:




    Social Studies

    Leadership Skills

    Physical Education

    2 electives
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