Academic Parent Organization
Recognizing Students for Academic Achievements
"If it is to be, it is up to me!" 
COMMITMENT is what transforms a promise into reality.
It is the words that speak boldly of our intentions, and
the actions which speak louder than the words.
It is making the time when there is none...
coming through time after time.
It is making yourself, not your words, a sermon. 
This group is the high school version of "PTO" that many of you have participated in during your child's years in elementary and middle school.  Renaissance does not have a membership fee.  We accept donations and conduct fundraisers.  All donations are tax deductible.
Renaissance and Statesville High need you!!  It truly is a myth that your student does not want you involved.  Please let us know how you can be of help and in turn how we can help you and your student.    
What is Renaissance?

Renaissance is the only national education focused program created to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students.  Its primary goal is to increase student performance, help maintain teacher enthusiasm and raise the level of community participation in schools.

Renaissance rewards students who qualify each report card period with prizes for their academic achievements. 
Seniors qualifying for Renaissance are recognized at their Senior Assembly in May; these Seniors are also recognized during graduation by wearing a special Renaissance stole to symbolize their academic achievements while at SHS.
Students are recognized each 9 weeks with a prize. At the end of the school year students are rewarded with a rock concert and a t-shirt.
Students who succeed have parents who are involved in their education.
Levels of Student Achievement

Students are recognized at three levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

A student must earn all A's (90 average or better/min. 90 in AP classes) in each subject with no discipline referrals.
A student must earn an overall A average (90 average/min. 80 in AP classes) with no grade below an 80.  The student must have no more than three absences and no discipline referrals.
A student must earn an overall B average (80 average) with no grade below an 75.  A student can qualify by improving seven or more points (to a 60 or better) in two classes while failing no other classes.  The student must have no more than four absences and no discipline referrals.

*Students disciplined of cheating will automatically be disqualified for Renaissance recognition for that nine-week period.

Contact Information
Questions or want to join?
President, Mary Mills
Vice President, Scarlett Perry

Donations?Treasurer, Kristie Badgett

Volunteer Opportunities at SHS?Secretary, Angela King
Want to Help with Meals and Snacks?Hospitality, Alice Willamson
Need Apparel?Apparel, Mary Mills & Scarlett Perry

Other Mothers CoordinatorKathleen Gay

What is the Renaissance Committee doing around SHS? LOTS!!!!
Giving awards to students who make Renaissance each report card period

Holding special year end drawings are given to students who make Renaissance during the year

 Providing meals and snacks to teachers and staff on a monthly basis

 Holding "Back to School" and "End of the Year" meals for faculty and staff

 Providing proctors during semester-end exams


Last Modified on April 25, 2016