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    Help your teen succeed in high school!
    Create a schedule with your teen to keep track of homework and tests.
    Create a quiet study area.
    Talk about stress.
    Make sure your teen takes regular study breaks.
    Make sure your teen eats healthy foods and gets enough sleep.
    Share your values.
    Teach ways to not give in to negative peer pressure.
    Explain the dangers of alcohol and other drugs.
    Discuss ways to deal with conflicts peacefully.
    Talk about dating and choosing friends wisely.
    Encourage your teen to take challenging courses.
    Show your support for extracurricular activities, such as sports, music and community service.
    Talk with your teen about setting goals for high school and beyond.
    Give your teen responsibility, but also set clear rules and limits.
    Teens need both support and space.
    Get to know your teen's friends, friends' parents and teachers, too.

    See your guidance counselor if you think you may qualify for a fee-waiver for college entrance tests. Test Prep courses are available on line for each ACT & SAT test. 
Last Modified on June 13, 2017