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    Career Outlook in US

    This website allows you to obtain and sort various career data, also known as Labor Market Information.

    CFNC Bridges Career Planning The CFNC Choices Planner Tool is built with High School aged students in mind. This area of CFNC is a perfect place to continue researching courses, colleges, majors, and careers.
    Apprenticeship 2000 Today's high-tech products require manufacturing companies to have well trained and highly skilled employees. The Apprenticeship 2000 program is a 4-year technical training apprenticeship program that can train you for exciting career opportunities!
    North Carolina Pathways This site shows you the career technical pathways available to you as a high school student. These courses will expose the student to a variety of career opportunities.
    Employment Security Commission The ESC site will show you the actual jobs that are out there right now in your area or other parts of North Carolina.
    Careers Requiring a license in NC This reference contains occupations that are required by North Carolina law to be licensed, certified or registered.
    NC Occupational Trends You have found a career which interest you.  Will there be a job for you when you finish your training?
    Resumes and Interviewing Writing Resumes, Cover letters and Interviewing advice are offered at this site.
    Career Opportunities The career information you are looking for may be found here. The site is well organized and helpful.
    Career Choices This site from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics is an excellent site to help you discover: "What you like to do?"
    Asvab Review
    The Asvab test is an aptitude test given by the US Military to high school students.  It is not a career interest survey.  This is a great way to let students know where their strengths are.  They are under no obligation to the military after taking this test.  We usually give this test in the fall of the year.  Please contact Mr. Williams with questions and to sign up.
Last Modified on August 13, 2014